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Why Italy increases defense spending

Giorgio Mule, Defense Undersecretary of State, Italy

ROME, NEW YORK (Italian Ministry of Defense)– Pimm Fox’s new cycle for the Voice of Business.

Pimm’s interview with Giorgio Mulé for The Voice of Business covered topics such as Italy’s global role in the aerospace and defense industry, the increase in the country’s defense spending, and its participation in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program. Italy spends about 1.4% of GDP, the highest in more than seven years.

Among other comments, Mulé, noted that: “The JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) program in Italy will ensure Italy continues to play a leading role in this multi-billion dollar program for decades to come.”

In 2021, Italy ranks 11th in the world in defense spending, with of more than $28 billion, an increase of nearly 10%.


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