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The Sibillini Mountain Union

The Sibillini Mountain Union brings together ten municipalities that are located across the provinces of Ascoli Piceno and Fermo in the Marche region. These are authentic villages that are steeped in identity, history and beauty, which have grouped together to optimize their differences and uniqueness with the aim of forming a coordinated territorial network.

The idea behind the Sibillini Mountain Union was to present itself as a unicum - a single area that is actually a collection of places offering a multitude of experiences within. This led to the creation of the Archipelago Verde concept (the green archipelago), a logo that groups together all those municipalities that fall within the rich, fertile sea of “village-islands” dotted across the inland areas of Marche: multiple different islands that, despite being separated, form a single area, a single network.

Thanks to the great variety of landscapes - starting in the Apennine mountains, crossing lush hills, and arriving almost at the sea - and to the artistic and cultural heritage that the villages have to offer, the Borghi Sibillini project has successfully set in motion a process of growth and development of the Marche territory that is aimed at encouraging people to rediscover these magical places.

Visitors will be able to browse a shared calendar/map of all the villages which they can use to personalize their experience. United by the excellences of each individual place, starting from their shared heritage as the basis for a new season of growth and development of the Marche territory, the intention is to give visitors the opportunity to rediscover and savor that often-forgotten feeling of freedom and slowness, through a new mode of tourism that is both more conscious and sustainable.


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