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  • In Partnership with Fondazione Italia: Patria della Bellezza

The Bel Mondo Project

The Bel Mondo project is a project that has been carried out by La Rivoluzione delle

Seppie (The Squid Revolution), a hyper-collective that arose from an active group of

young international professionals whose aim is to reactivate areas that have been

defined as marginal.

Their efforts have focused on the village of Belmonte Calabro, an Italian municipality of

just 1,822 inhabitants in the province of Cosenza in Calabria. Here they are

experimenting with new models of life and work, using a relational approach that

involves both the local population and the new inhabitants who arrive from different

parts of the world, such as students and digital nomads in co-living and co-working

facilities, which, together, makes for a plural, multi-ethnic and international community.

This hybrid tribe of nomads and locals, through the Bel Mondo project, wants to

establish a new way of creating communities inside empty spaces and bring sounds and

stories into the spaces themselves. This transformation of anonymous spaces into

“places to live in”, alongside new ways of understanding relationships, historic villages,

community, and the individual, are creating new ways of living.

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