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Romagna Museum of Abandoned Locations Looks to Future Renewal by Revealing the Past

“In Loco” is the first museum in Italy to tell the story of disused buildings across the territory of Romagna by way of seven themed itineraries.

The collection consists of sixty-eight destinations including villas, convents, seaside summer camps, industrial buildings, amusement parks, and churches. The set of itineraries gives rise to an ever-evolving alternative tourist guide which enables visitors to go about their exploration using multimedia content that is created ad hoc and made accessible through the app only, in fact, when the visitors are actually 'in loco': at the location in question.

"In Loco" or The Museo Diffuso dell’Abbandono (the Widespread Open-Air Museum

of Abandonment) arose from an idea from the Spazi Indecisi Association in Forlì, whose

mission is the urban regeneration of abandoned locations, looking at both the management of

such places and at their relationship with the landscape, with the city, and with their


The museum is the result of a selection from among the research and mapping work that has

been carried out on 250 places - both public and private - that lay abandoned across the

Romagna area, and which have been identified by Spazi Indecisi with the objective of

bringing to light a heritage which stands the chance of being restored and regenerated only if

it is given visibility and if its story is told and connected to communities.

To visit these places, one just needs to download the museum’s app and select the desired itinerary that will accompany them in their discovery of these unusual locations. Only when the visitor is

close to the locations will they be able to access the different types of multimedia content

(documentaries, videos, 3D, soundtracks etc.) that are accessible through the app.

These once-abandoned places thus become a destination for research and study by artists,

photographers, architects, urban planners, landscape designers, and ordinary citizens, and

give life to a museum which, without walls or gates, tells the story of the territory, its history

and its transformations by painting a picture not only of what it has been in the past, but also

of what it can still be in the future.

Fondazione Italia Patria della Bellezza: The Foundation that promotes and enhances the value of Beauty as the true Talent of Italy


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