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  • Pimm Fox

Bocconi's Unique Business Education Model and the 4th Industrial Revolution

Bocconi University's Rector, Gianmaria Verona, speaks with Pimm Fox about how marrying business studies with economics and other social sciences gives the school an edge in its field, his vision of a hybrid on-campus/remote experience for its students, and what being in the 4th Industrial Revolution means for the EU and Italy in particular.

In Pt. 2 of his interview with Pimm Fox, Gianmario Verona, Rector of Bocconi University talks about the importance of having a technocratic Prime Minister leading Italy, the opportunities and challenges of transforming Italy's export driven economy from the primacy of manufacturing to one that is increasingly driven by digital technologies, and how the environmentally conscious post Millenial generation needs to be provided with the right tools to succeed.


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