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Questions Asked about Building Permits after Ischia Disaster

"There have been calls to limit and crack down on both legal and illegal construction in Italy after the head of the country’s civil protection office said more than 90% of Italian municipalities were at risk from landslides and other natural disasters. Fabrizio Curcio made the comments in an interview with La Stampa after travelling to the southern Italian island of Ischia, where eight people including a 22-day-old baby are so far confirmed to have been killed in a landslide on Saturday.

The figure originated from a report published in 2021 by ISPRA, the Italian government’s environment agency. According to the report, 7,423 municipalities (93.4% of the total) are at risk of landslides, floods and coastal erosion. It said 1.3 million people risked being affected by landslides and 6.8 million by flooding."


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