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Post Disaster Rooftops

Post Disaster Rooftops is a cultural production platform that was set up in the city of

Taranto by the non-profit organization Post Disaster.

The project, which is a curatorial and critical platform that brings together designers,

thinkers, and artists to explore the condition of the Mediterranean urban landscape, is

based on the rooftops of Taranto, a city that symbolizes the disparities and

contradictions of the contemporary urban condition. The context in which they operate

is the island of the Old Town, which is separated from the rest of the city both physically

and culturally.

On these rooftops, which are places that escape most of the normative definitions of

urban space, they enjoy a freedom of action and speculation that enables them to

imagine alternative futures through constant fleeting glances between the real and the

possible. Is the disaster ongoing or has it already happened?

It is, therefore, a series of collective performances that, starting from an idea of disaster

– “dis-alignment from the stars” – seek to imagine a possible alternative future, while at

the same time managing to offer new perspectives on the city, reactivating its

aggregation mechanisms and providing it with new cultural tools.


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