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  • In Partnership with Fondazione Italia: Patria della Bellezza

MuDIS, the Museum "Saving" Southern Sardinia

MuDIS is a very unique kind of museum. Its main goal is to help preserve the southern area

of the island of Sardegna known as the “Sulcis”.

This historically renowned area is home to remains from the Phoenician, Nuragic and Punic eras and has undergone several mutations in recent history, going through a period of population decline. Starting from the second half of the 19th century, this process has been reversed, mainly due to the use of “furriadroxius” and “medaus” - small self-sufficient farms - thus enabling the repopulation of the area. It is a vital time for the “Sulcis” area as it comes face to face with the big themes of green and sustainable living found in our industrial cities. This area, and the museum itself, aim to pioneer a new form of rurality and ecological transition, creating the perfect balance between development and remote rural areas. Or more poetically, as Costantino Nivola put it, “the art of living”.


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