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Motorcycle Startup Energica Now Powers E-Mobility Industry in Italy

In Part 1 of our Interview with CEO Livia Cevolini, we find out how a family startup rapidly grew to become a Motor Valley leader in outsourcing e-technology to other brands, and why being acquired by a U.S. company has been crucial to the company's expansion. Read the article below for more.

In Part 2 of our Interview with Energica CEO LIvia Cevolini shows host Alexis Christoforous the current line of E-Motorcycles on offer, discusses how they have begun to outsource Energica's technology to other E-Mobility manufacturers, speaks of some of the challenges they face as this new disruptive technology pushes its way into a very old-fashioned industry, and much more.

In Part 3 of our interview with Energica CEO Livia Cevolini, she reflects on how she sees the E-Mobility industry evolving over the next 5 years, looks back on the family origins of her company, and offers her unique perspective as a female business leader in a male-dominated industry, and talks of the ever-growing opportunities for women in the business world.


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