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Master Brand Designer On Why Italy Needs a 'Ministry of Beauty'

Maurizio di Robilant, President & CEO of Robilant Associati speaks with Alexis Christoforous about his firm's quest to find each company's essence and soul, the importance of having an empathic relationship with his clients, the challenges of selling the idea of Italy to Italians, and his belief that there is a unique competitive identity which gives every country a marketing edge. He also explains why he set up the Fondazione Italia Patria della Bellezza to help Italy brand itself as the world capital of Beauty, how the idea of Beauty goes far beyond aesthetics, and much more.

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Fabrizia Baldissera
Fabrizia Baldissera
Jun 11, 2022

Back to the Greek "καλόσ και αγαθός"? It would be great but we should need to find a competent person for this ministry, otherwise we shall be like in the dystopian world of "The Ministry of Utter Happiness" created by Arundhati Roy...


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