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“IRG Conference comes to you”. The summary of last May 8th in SDA Bocconi at your finger tips. 5 hours, 15 EU and US speakers, 3 CNBC and Class CNBC journalists.

How does Europe become a geopolitically relevant player? Why is it important to be one?

Watch Sylvie Goulard, SDA Bocconi Professor, former French Minister of Defense and Deputy Governor of France Central Bank.

The solutions pass through a series of complex but urgent choices: banking union, European capital market, courageous policies on the future of work, the urgency of a common defense system, the urgency of consolidating companies to reach dimensions suitable to compete with China and the United States. United in critical sectors. Among the top 10 companies in the world by market capitalization, 8 are Americans and none from Europe. The stock market value of these 8 giants is US$ 13.8 trillion, EU’s GDP is US$ 15 trillion.

Questi sono temi che sono di interesse generale: piccole, medie e grandi imprese, i giovan, i policymaker.


Interviewee: Giuseppe Castagan, CEO Banco BPM

Interviewer: Andrea Canrini, Class CNBC


The Influence, Relevance & Growth (IRG) thinking and model measures and prepares companies to operate in markets where governments and policymakers lack in-depth industry know-how. This process to attempt restoring ovettime balance among governemnts, cmpanies, media and NGOs.

The Influence, Relevance & Growth (IRG) approach recognizes that governments and policymakers need in-depth industry know-how to effectively and efficiently mediate between competing interests and the common good.

This know-how is now the hands of the private sector which must transfer it to the public sector. Companies, in fact, become aware that the current management method does not reflect this scenario and that if the "political demand" of stakeholders does not reflect the real challenges, the policymaker tends to oversimplify the issues at hand and can destabilize the markets and hinder growth.

[1] Influence relevance and Growth. How to Survice &  Thrive beyond ESG, Fernando Napolitano. Prefazione S. Caselli, Postfazione KC Sullivan, Bocconi University Press, ott. 2023


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