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The CEO of Engineering on How the Metaverse Will Revolutionize work and Play

By Alexis Christoforous

The metaverse may be in its infancy, but Maximo Ibarra, CEO of the Rome, Italy-based digital technology company Engineering is preparing for the future with immersive virtual apps.

Ibarra tells The Voice of Business that Engineering is pouring resources into innovative technologies in the world of healthcare, finance, fashion, and retail to guide its clients through their journey into “the digital business transformation.”

With 12,000 employees spread across 60 offices globally, Engineering helps companies optimize and monetize different technologies.

“It goes from the migration into the cloud so, cloudification of their systems and their applications. We also manage technologies that are entering

more and more into data analytics and artificial intelligence. We manage cybersecurity operations. So, how to make sure that they can really exploit all the data they have in order to increase their business” said Ibarra.

Ibarra said the metaverse has the potential to improve our quality of life, bringing benefits in the field of inclusiveness and sustainability because it will be a technology “available to everyone.”

According to a recent Engineering survey, 46% of respondents think the metaverse will be a revolution,47 % believe that it will reach full maturity within ten years, and 46% think it will have a very significant impact on business.

Ibarra said the metaverse is poised to grow beyond the gaming experience, such as the popular video game Minecraft, to much more practical applications.

“It will come because the convergence between artificial intelligence, data analytics, blockchain and virtual reality, all of those things together will create a world where most of the people will find what they need and what they want.”

Since becoming CEO in September, 2021, Ibarra has made some key acquisitions including buying U.S.-based Movilitas, a leader in digital supply chain and manufacturing services.

“The deal reflects Engineering’s international acquisition strategy,” Ibarra said, adding that he continues to look for acquisitions that can be transformational for Engineering.

Cybersecurity is another area where Ibarra sees tremendous growth opportunities. No longer just an issue for IT departments, Ibarra said stakeholders now realize it needs to be an integral part of their business model.

“It is important for the CEO, for the business leaders, but in particular for the board of directors because it would like to be protected and just to understand that reputation is absolutely very important in running the company,” Ibarra said.

“We have a lot of demand coming from clients, just to make sure that they are well protected, that they are preventing these issues related to cybersecurity. What I expect is, this business is going to increase by 300, 400, 500%, I think, in the next 18 months.”


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