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Couple Saved on Capri's Iconic Faraglioni

"Two Italian rock climbers were saved at the weekend after getting into difficulty on Capri's iconic rock formation I Faraglioni. The pair, originally from the province of Bari in Puglia, reached the top of the innermost of the three craggy spires but lost their way on the way back down. A rescue team went in on a helicopter and winched the two climbers to safety. Rising out of the Mediterranean off the southern coast of Capri, the three sea stacks of Faraglioni are among the most photographed landmarks on the island and a place of enduring romantic legend, the Amalfi Coast yacht charter website says. Majestic and dramatic, the rocky sea stacks of I Faraglioni rise precipitously from the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean, forming the most loved, and most photographed, maritime view in Capri, says the charter site."


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