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  • In Partnership with Fondazione Italia: Patria della Bellezza

ARTE SELLA Open-air Museum

Arte Sella is an open-air museum that was founded in 1986, the fruit of the desire to

bring contemporary art to Val di Sella (the Sella Valley) in Trentino and create a dialog

between it and the surrounding nature. For over thirty years, the association has been the place where art, music, dance, and other expressions of human creativity come together, creating a unique dialog between human ingenuity and the natural world. This enables a synergy between artist and nature, which is never bent and subordinated to artistic will but, instead, acts as both master and muse for the works that are created.

Among the works of art preserved in the museum are those from the artists Edoardo

Tresoldi, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Kristof Kintera, Ian Ritchie, Stefano Boeri and Kengo

Kuma. Each of these works is not only perfectly integrated into the natural environment

that surrounds it, but even begins to transform alongside nature and the landscape

itself, changing and acquiring new facets with each change of season.

The museum should, therefore, be visited in all seasons in order to fully appreciate the

continuous evolution of both the works and the natural environment which, in synergy,

contribute to the beauty of the place.


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