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Food in Italy? Look no further.

Food & Restaurants

Food in Italy? Look no further.

Italian cuisine is recognised worldwide as encompassing some of the most sustainable, healthy and mouth-watering dishes in existence. But there is a lot to know and always more to learn when navigating the peninsula and all its facets, this page is here to help!

Chef's Blog

Chef’s Blog

Francesco Vergaro

My name is Francesco (Il Pugliese che cucina) and I am a native of Puglia. First I started to approach simple and quick recipes and with time I tried to explore more and more fields but with simplicity at the forefront. However, first courses remain my forte!

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Al.ta Cucina

Welcome to the greediest community on the internet. If you are always hungry, if you like to cook, if you only ever buy food.

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Chef In Camicia

We are the MEDIA that gives space to lovers of good food, reporting daily on the WORLD OF FOOD at 360°.

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Azienda agricola Vistamare (Carlo Cracco)

A green hill in the heart of Romagna. A farm that produces fruit, vegetables, oil and wine.

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Via le Botteghe, 14,
80073 Capri NA

Località Reschio,
06060 Lisciano Niccone PG

Via Arco Naturale, 13,
80073 Capri NA

Via Roma, 34,
80076 Capri NA

Via Marina del Cantone 65,
80061 NA

Via Marina di Praia,
84010 Praiano SA

Corso Garibaldi, 36
84010 Cetara SA

Via Brisa, 15,
20123 Milano MI

Localita' Ponte Naia 29,
Todi Italia

Via Augisto Ciuffelli 17-19,
06059, Todi Italia

Via Santa Maria del Pianto 9A/11,
00186 Roma Italia

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